Lopshill Fishing Syndicate Rules

Lopshill Fishing Syndicate Lake & Pond Rules

As with all well run fisheries a set of common sense rules must be adhered to and enforced as follows:

•Parking - when dry enough can be on the grass area next to the largest Lake and in the event of soft ground parking is on the chalk area further up the track.

•Maximum 2 rods per Angler.

•No barbed or micro barbed hooks to be used.

•No Night fishing unless pre arranged.

•No fires, all litter to be removed.

•No dogs unless pre arranged.

•No keep nets.

•No braided main line.

•No boilies to be used.

•No entry before 7.00 am and off by dusk or 8.00pm whichever is earlier.

•No casting into the lily pads or other snags at any time.

•No cutting back of trees/shrubs around swims.

•No bait boats.

•No unattended rods.

•Juniors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

•All anglers must be in possession of a suitable landing net and unhooking mat.

•All landing nets, carp sacks and unhooking mats to be hung up in the trees to prevent KHV virus.

•All anglers must be in possession of a current rod licence.

•Memberships will be renewed annually at the discretion of the syndicate, the general rule is that existing members will be given the opportunity to renew their membership before new members are offered a place.

•Any member of the syndicate may have their membership cancelled during the season if they cause a nuisance or flout the above rules. They will receive a refund based on a pro rata basis less any costs incurred by their actions.


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